Safely back to work in the new normal

The COVID-19 health crisis and continued lockdown in many markets is posing unparalleled challenges to people and economies around the world. To limit the economic downturn and impact on people’s ability to earn a living, the labor market and all its stakeholders must quickly adjust to this new reality – a new normal where physical distancing (synonymous with social distancing for the purposes of this report)and other strict measures will be an integral part of all workplace processes for a considerable time to come

Given the sense of urgency, the HR services industry has formed an alliance spearheaded by the Randstad, Adecco Group and ManpowerGroup. Together, the industry – as the world’s largest private sector employer and labor market expert* – endeavors to make a vital contribution to this process of preparing for the new normal and expedite getting people safely back to work and businesses and economies running again. Polish HR Forum became co-partner of the project in Poland




A practical guide for a safe restart


Through its latest research, the Alliance has developed a fact base and source of best practices which it seeks to share freely as a public good. The goal is for organizations of all types and sizes to use this research to identify and apply the practices that will get them up and running in a safe, healthy and productive way.


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Best practice protocols

Best Practice Health and Safety Protocols contains more than 100 measures. These measures can help to complement country and sector specific protocols. Industry bodies, unions, employers, governments, healthcare authorities and others can help shaping these protocols.



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WHITE PAPER – safely back to work


A disciplined return to work will be key to economic recovery after the pandemic. It is critical that best practices are shared across countries and industries, and that new channels are created to scale effective protocols at speed.


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