Recruitment companies provide specialized services in the range of job placement. Based on extensive knowledge of the labor market, modern recruitment tools and specialist knowledge of Consultants, they support their clients in finding suitable candidates for work.


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Contract between the recruiting company and the client

The basis for the recruitment service is the conclusion of a civil contract with the client. The contract should include the following elements:

  • description of recruitment and selection procedures (methods, techniques, tools, stages, etc.),
  • necessary requirements to be met by the candidates,
  • the number of candidates to be found and the content of the report about them,
  • definition of the service provided,
  • deadline (date) of providing the client with information about selected candidates,
  • confidentiality clauses, which relate to the information provided by the client about the company and about the candidates presented to the client,
  • fee for the service performed and the way of covering any additional costs,
  • type and duration of the warranty for the service provided.

Financial guarantees

The guarantee for the candidate is negotiated at the conclusion of the contract with the client. The length of the warranty depends primarily on the position to which the person is being recruited. Longer guarantees are available at the top level positions. For example, for specialist positions, the guarantees cover from 3 to 6 months, from 6 to 9 months for middle management and from 9 to 12 months for senior management. The length of the warranty may affect the price of the service.

Methods of settlement between the client and the recruitment company

  • success fee recruiting – a form of remuneration for a service consisting in settling payments after the candidate’s employment
  • retained (partial) recruiting – remuneration at the beginning of the process, regardless of the outcome of the entire recruitment process

Consultant Decalogue

    • Earnestly convey all the information about the company and the offered position
    • Keep the candidate informed about the stage of the recruitment process is he at
    • Inform all participants of the recruitment process about their results and the decision making reasons
    • Keep good relations with the candidate also after the process (regardless of the outcome)
    • Process candidates data according to the Personal Data Protection Act
    • Always obtain permission before presenting candidate’s profile to the client
    • Always get the candidate’s approval before checking his references
    • Support your clients with your expertise, skills and advice
    • Provide reliable data about candidates (including their weak points)
    • Do not recommend the same candidate to different clients at the same time
    • Maintain confidentiality of customer data
    • Give a good testimony to the profession and industry, take care of its dignity and be a model to follow
    • Keep your commitments, make clear the arrangements with the candidate and client, and follow their execution
    • Don’t let down the trust given either by the client nor by the candidate
    • Proactive approach to the consultant profession
    • Constantly improve your knowledge and raise the qualifications needed to perform your profession
    • Enrich and update your professional and general knowledge
    • Be aware of your capabilities and limitations when undertaking career challenges
    • If you do not have the knowledge or skills you need, ask your superiors for appropriate support
    • After the recruitment process has been completed (in the period agreed in the contract), don’t actively seek the candidate from the client for whom you have recruited
    • Don’t actively seek candidates from the client you are currently working with
    • Use your knowledge and skills to enable the organization for which you deliver services to meet its current and future goals
    • Maintain high moral and custom standards in relation to the people in your area of influence and in your environment
    • Remember to maintain fair play rules in co-operation with other consultants, this attitude always pays off.